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About Us

As a world-class manufacturer, supplier and distributor of water meter products in Malaysia and the region, MZH MAJU INDUSTRY carries an extensive portfolio of water meters ranging from industrial, commercial to residential products. Being an industry pioneer and market leader in Malaysia, the Group stays ahead of the curve with an uncompromising commitment to quality, constant innovation and continuous improvements to its manufacturing processes, supply chain management and after sales services.
MZH MAJU INDUSTRY is committed to helping customers achieve sustainable growth and creating value for stakeholders. With a market reach that spans more than 40 countries, our metering products and solutions have attained the highest standards recognized by the relevant authorities, as accorded through local and international certifications.

P-Max is one of our OEM brands and exclusively distributed by our agent in Vietnam. It has received wide acceptance and continues to be well-regarded for innovativeness and value for money.